Refill size for the Miracle Mist is an oxygen facial on the go. O2 hydrates the skin while HOCL acts as a conductor to cleanse and help fight bacteria and viruses while on the go. Helps with breakouts, hydration and any skin irritation from Eczema/dermatitis.

Lumion Hydrating Oxygen Miracle Mist

SKU: LUM11013
  • LUMION mist will purify, hydrate, cleanse and calm your skin as a daily on-the-go rescue. Created using Dead Sea salts, our Miracle Mist is specifically formulated to be gentle + effective on your face. 100% NATURAL + LOVES ALL SKIN TYPES. The star ingredient HOCL naturally occurs in your white blood cells which helps to defend your body from harmful bacteria, viruses, and inflammation. Applying HOCL to the skin activates an immune boost that helps you and your skin stay healthy and clear. When combined with Oxygen, HOCL helps to stimulate the body's natural healing function and is vital to healthy skin. LUMION's formula is eco-friendly + non-toxic. Get ready for a skin health transformation! This mist will keep you and your skin healthy, clear, and glowing.