This is our most versatile product. It can be applied as a finishing aid to give your hair that soft natural hold as well as on wet hair before a blow-dry to thicken and maintain its shape all day. Suitable for all hair types, this product will moisturize and eliminate frizz without the heaviness of a leave-in conditioner and will leave your hair touchable and smelling fantastic.

Keep It Handsome Travel-friendly Grooming Cream

SKU: 507379
  • NATURAL FINISH WITH LOW HOLD: Keepit Handsome Grooming Cream is our go to styling product for those who want their hair to look light and natural all the time. GREAT WITH OR WITHOUT A BLOW DRY: KIH grooming cream is our most versatile agent. Great just before a blow dry to maintain shape or works just as well with a dab extra if you�re in a hurry and don�t have the time to blow dry. ACCENTUATES CURLS AND HELPS ELIMINATE FRIZZ: Our grooming cream helps your natural curls look their best by defining them and eliminating that frizzy look. Perfect for all hair types. SMELLS GREAT AND THICKENS AS IT SETS: Our grooming cream like our other styling agents has been formulated to offer thickness as it sets to give your hair the appearance of added volume and comes with our signature scent that is masculine but not overbearing and allows the natural you to shine. EASY TO WASH OUT: Free of alcohol and parabens that can be harmful and hair damaging, our grooming cream is water based and easy to rinse out and makes it easy to start your day and reapply product without the annoying residue of left over product from previous use.