Holds Hair in place without the stiffness. Shine with Flexibility. Love the sheen and hold of a gel but not the flakiness or stiffness of it? Well the high shine flexible hold of this product is just for you. It will not only style but condition and repair your hair while doing so. HOLD STRENGTH: LEVEL 3 SHINE: HIGH

Keep It Handsome Travel-friendly Gel Wax

SKU: 507362
  • HOLDS HAIR IN PLACE WITHOUT THE STIFFNESS: Keepit Handsome gel wax is uniquely formulated to have a strong hold without that stiff crunchy feel of many gels. SHINE WITH FLEXIBILITY: KIH gel wax is designed to offer grooming flexibility while still offering shine and hold. NUTRIENT RICH WITH NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Like all KIH products, our gel wax is paraben free and fortified with our signature Lichen extract. In addition it is infused with vitamin B6 to help nourish and protect your hair. EASY TO WASH OUT: Free of alcohol and parabens that can be harmful and hair damaging, our gel wax is water based and easy to rinse out and makes it easy to start your day and reapply product without the annoying residue of left over product from previous use. BPA FREE AND NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS: All KIH products are BPA free and never tested on animals. For the guys that want to use gel without the usual flakiness or stiffness that often comes with it, KEEPIT gel wax is the answer.