Enriched with vitamins A, E & B6, it not only styles your hair but nourishes it as well. This product easily spreads through your hair and dries with a strong, naturally matte finish and will not flake. Adds body to short and medium length hair and provides a natural pliable hold with medium shine. Hold strength 3. Medium Shine.

Keep It Handsome Sculpting Paste

SKU: 507089
  • "OUR LONGEST LASTING FIRM HOLD: Keepit Handsome sculpting paste offers those who absolutely need that all day hold to look their best whether at work or at play. Works as well on windy intemperate days as it does in calm balmy weather. NON GREASY AND NON FLAKY: KIH sculpting paste is perfectly matte but still gives your hair a nice healthy non greasy shine. SMELLS GREAT AND THICKENS AS IT SETS: Our sculpting paste has been formulated to offer thickness as it sets to give your hair the appearance of added volume and comes with our signature scent that is masculine but not overbearing and allows the natural you to shine. EASY TO WASH OUT: Free of alcohol and parabens that can be harmful and hair damaging, our paste is water based and easy to rinse out and makes it easy to start your day and reapply product without the annoying residue of left over product from previous use."