Whether it�s an aggressively short haircut, a clean head shave, or a skin fade, our head balm will protect and moisturize your skin leaving you feeling energized all day while avoiding that shiny finish. Moisturizes and protects for hours. Makes the scalp easier to shave. formulated to produce a matte finish.

Keep It Handsome Head Balm

SKU: 507100
  • MOISTURIZES AND PROTECTS FOR HOURS: Keepit Handsome head balm offers those who have little or no hair, or prefer to have an aggressive haircut a product that is specifically designed for them. It leaves the head and scalp feeling fresh and energized. MAKES THE SCALP EASIER TO SHAVE: KIH head balm prevents flaky and dry scalp and its moisturizing capabilities makes applying shaving soap or cream the next day so much easier and makes to help avoid those nuisance nicks and ticks. FORMULATED TO PRODUCE A MATTE FINISH: Unlike most products and creams on the market our KIH head balm lotion doesn�t make your scalp shine but rather leaves a nice matte finish and is a very affective moisturizer even with aggressively short haircuts. Infused with witch hazel it helps reduce redness and inflammation on the scalp. NUTRIENT RICH WITH NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Like all KIH products, our head balm is paraben free and fortified with our signature Lichen extract. Gentle enough to be applied morning and night