Tired of a greasy, sparkly beard? Unlike most beard products on the market, our exceptionally great smelling formula will hydrate the skin under your beard and help tame your unruly facial hair. Prevent your beard from being dry and flakey by moisturizing it daily. Penetrates and spreads quickly. Non-greasy and non-flaky. Great Aroma.

Keep It Handsome Beard Moisturizer

SKU: 507102
  • PENETRATES AND SPREADS QUICKLY: Keepit Handsome Beard Moisturizer uses a blend of emollients to ensure that your facial hair whether long or short is penetrated and hydrated all the way to your skin where it doubles as a moisturizer to the skin as well as beard. NON GREASY AND NON FLAKY: KIH Beard Moisturizer offers grooming manageability with a non greasy and non flaky formula that keeps your skin and hair moisturized agains the elements. SMELLS GREAT: Our Keepit Handsome Beard Moisturizer fragrance is light but keeps your beard smelling great all day. NUTRIENT RICH WITH NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Like all KIH products, our beard moisturizer is paraben free and fortified with our signature Lichen extract. Gentle enough to be applied morning and night. BPA FREE AND NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS: All KIH products are BPA free and never tested on animal Discover our beard moisturizer one of the best men's grooming kit, your beard becomes softer, even to shave it off. Incorporate our beard moisturizer into your daily regimen for the strongest and softest beard ever. Perfect for hydrating the beard and underlying skin.