clean + fresh

Airy and soft, laundered and fresh.  Sudsy showers, air dried cotton and that clean scent after a rain, meticulously blended with light florals and soft woods, are meant to be enjoyed in a state of happy calm and comfort.  


Juicy and joyful, refreshing and fun. From tart lemon to sweet mandarin, citrus reigns on high as the happiest in the land. Indulge your inner optimist. Ripe and luscious, mouthwatering perfection. 


Our choice fruits, from plump currant to juicy peach, green apple to passion fruit, have been hand picked for ultimate sensory delight.  Breathe in fruity bliss.

wood + spice

Exotic sandalwood, warming cinnamon, and complex clove.  Our woods and spices are sexy and grounded, blended into soothing medleys that surprise and delight. Rooted in the aromas of the Middle East, these seductive scents are as pleasing as they are mysterious.